Textile multi-ply conveyor belt giving the product mechanical features such as low elongation, impact and traction resistance. It is suitable for any bulk material handling.

All Rubber Conveyor Belts are composed by two different elements:

  • A central resistant carcass, which gives the product the mechanical characteristics such as tensile strength and elongation. Two main belts cathegories can be identified: textile - as described in this catalogue - and Steel Cord Conveyor Belts.
  • Two rubber covers, named top and bottom covers, which protect the resistant carcass and characterize the belt, as described in this page. In order to guarantee safety and long life, also under hard working conditions, all type of rubber covers are antistatic and ozone protected. These pages aim to help you for the selection of the proper cover compounds according to the specific use and the characteristics of the conveyed material.
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Polyester and nylon multi-ply belt


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