These belts are designed to be installed in buckets elevator systems.  The special nylon and polyester reinforced fabric composition allow these belts to be used even with high breaking loads.

Polyester warp assures great resistance while working in hard conditions.
Nylon weft guarantees a high transversal resistance against tears as well as a good bolt fixing.

elevator belt

Covers Specifications

OX - Oil resistant quality

OX is a standard rubber compound designed for belts withstanding ambient temperature. This compound is antistatic according to ISO 284 and oil resistant too.

AX - Medium temperature resistance

AX is a rubber compound especially designed for textile elevator belts to guarantee good performances with abrasive and hot materials up to 150°C. This compound is antistatic according to ISO 284 but not oil resistant.

BX - Superior temperature resistance

BX is the rubber compound that guarantees the best heat resistance quality. It is developed to perform withstanding a maximum working temperature of 180°C. Whereas, it not oil resistance. compound.

AG - Self extinguish and oil resistant compound

AG is a nitrile compound typically designed for buckets elevator systems used in cereal silos. It provides superior resistances to vegetable oils and animal fats. Moreover it is also selfextinguishing and antistatic according to ISO 340 and ISO 284 or equivalent so to guarantee safe working conditions.

For different cover characteristics or particular applications, please contact our commercial department.

Diametri Minimi dei Tamburi (mm)

Belt style N/mm 400/3 500/4 630/4 800/5 1000/5 1250/5 1600/5
Drive pulley mm 400 500 500 630 800 1000 1000
Lower pulley mm 315 400 400 500 630 800 800

According to OEM different experiences, different choices in the splicing or in buckets bolts could need higher pulley diameters.

Metal clamps for ELETEX®

Steel clamps with M14 bolts at 50 mm centre distance are available for Eletex belts up to 800N/mm.

For higher breaking loads, it is suggested to adopt customised clamps characterized by a third steel item placed between the two belts extremities.

ELEMET - ELETEX Catalogue.pdf
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Steel carcass rubber elevator belt


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