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Design & Presale

Check and suggestion over the correct rubber conveyor belt choice for the requested application.

According to constructive characteristics of the belt in your possession of or that you are designing, our technical department will surely suggest you the perfect solution to let the belt perform at its best. Otherwise, it will give you very useful advices to change some of the belt features so to let it be suitable for that application.

Moreover, if you have not been provided with technical datas, on the basis of both application and the handled material, we will be able to hint you throughth the best manufacturable item. In addition, when requested, we can also elaborate punching drawings for elevator belts.


Design checking and issue of relevant drawings for conveying plants and related.

It deals with a projectual phase where the main target is about identifying the best conveying system starting from layout and handled material characteristics.

Possible appropriate modifications could be established on the basis of the belt technical datas as well as on the system ones.

After-sales assistance & supervision

Aftersale assistance for anomalies and problem solving detected during the conveyor belt operation.

Following the sale and the belt installation on the plant, SIG technical department will completely be at your disposal to solve any kind of problem detected during belt functioning by giving you assistance as helping find the best solution.

In addition, if requested, SIG is also available to make appropriate technical supervision on site while installing and splicing our belts. This service is crucial to guarantee the correct start-up according to the procedure of SIG installation handbook.

Splicing conveyor belts

Supply of cover rubber and rubber solutions for belts vulcanizing process.

This just mentioned service stands for an indisputable advantage for SIG clients as we can directly supply you with cover rubbers as well as rubber solution for splicing or maintenance works on conveyor belts. In this way, you could use tested, reliable and specific products for our rubber conveyor belts.


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