SIDERFLEX are steel cord conveyor belts, characterized by a steel brassed carcass composed by low elongation cords in warp, giving the belt an excellent breaking load.

Instead, the weft consists of high elongation cords assuring the belt a great transversal flexibilty.

steel cord conveyor belt Siderflex

This type of carcass gives SIDERFLEX belts special qualitative characteristics of:

  • Excellent cut and tear resistance
  • Low elongation
  • High tensile strength
  • Good impact resistance
  • Excellent longitudinal flexibility
  • Very good troughability

Warp characteristics
Warp refers to longitudinal steel cords which characteristics of resistance and elasticity define the running properties of the belt.

  • SIDERFLEX IW – HE series, provided of open type warp cords with increased elongation, have a bigger longitudinal elasticity than the standard steel cord conveyor belts.
  • SIDERFLEX ID is realized with a 7x7 regular warp cords construction and its regular warp cords has the same carcass characteristics of steel cord conveyor belts according to (ex) DIN 22131 and ISO 15236-2 type A1 (see Tab. on page 8).

Weft Characteristics
Weft represents the whole set of transversal steel cables giving the belt specific resistance against cuts, tears and impacts and at the same time high flexibility.

  • SIDERFLEX IW – ID fabric structures is designed so to have only one weft layer placed in the upper side of the carcass.
  • SIDERFLEX HE are produced with two different layers placed on both sides of the warp structure. The presence of a double weft gives the belt moderate transversal rigidity, anyway acceptable to guarantee belt troughability in most of common applications. HE serie is highly recommended when exceptional values of cut and tear resistance are required.
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Steel carcass conveyor belts


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