ARABELT is a rubber conveyor belt characterized by the presence of only one aramidic fiber ply and a special straight warp construction. During this particular manufacturing, longitudinal filaments (warp) are not braided with the transversal ones (weft); moreover warp and weft connection is assured by a special nylon binder.

In this way, both weft and warp are straight assuring two main advantages: no elongation due to the weaving of fibers and the chance to connect big warp and weft filaments with each other.

This second aspect gives the belt an high breaking load as cut, tear and impact resistance thanks to the presence of a double weft realized with high tensile nylon filaments.

This product can guarantee the typical steel cord belts mechanical properties such as low elongation and high working tension, but having the same weight as density of a traditional textile belt.

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Aramidic fiber conveyor belts


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