Rubber belts for elevator systems

Rubber conveyor belts for elevator systems

Rubber belt for elevator system is a belt conveyor type used for vertical buckets elevator systems that allow industrial silos loading (cement, fertilizers, agro-industry products, etc…) for bulk and solid material handling.

Depending on the application and on the handled material category, rubber elevator belts can be manufactured both with a textile (nylon and polyester-based) and with a steel carcass.

Besides SIG has got a wide range of different rubber compounds type and any of these is suitable for specific industrial applications. As a matter of fact, textile rubber elevator belts can be equipped with heat as oil-resistant or flame-retardant rubber covers, whereas steel carcass ones can be manufactured according to a different type of heat resistant covers that guarantee great protection even when facing high temperatures.

Elevator belts with steel carcass Elemet

Steel carcass belts - Elemet®

Elevator belt with textile carcass - Eletex

Textile carcass belts - Eletex®


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