RIPSAVE is a textile rubber belt with steel metallic reinforcement, an EP multi-ply belt equipped with a special transversal as extremely flexible steel reinforcement. This steel insertion suits so well that it guarantees any kind of stiffening absence as well as a perfect matching with the textile carcass.

The steel reinforcement assures the same EP carcass belts performances but has an increased resistance to cut impact and tearings. Thanks to its particular design, RIPSAVE can be installed and spliced like traditional EP carcass belts.

Multiply conveyor belts with transversal steel reinforcement in the top cover.

  • EP carcass construction
  • 100 % compatible with standard textile belts
  • Superior resistance against cut impacts and tears
  • Same elongation and trough ability of textile conveyor belts

RIPSAVE shows its best performance in the handling of heavy and big-sized materials, especially when the drop height is considerable. RIPSAVE special construction with transversal steel wires in the top cover reduces the possibility of damages on the fabric carcass caused by sharp stones, steel bars, wooden trunks.

Standard production

Belt styleCover thicknessAvailable widthsBelt weightMin. drive pulley diameter
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Multi-ply conveyor belts with steel reinforcement in the top cover


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