The main required characteristic of a base belt suitable for Flexobord applications is the controlled transversal stiffness, also named cross stabilized construction. Standard base belt without any specific transversal stiffness can only be used for horizontal flat belts made with only corrugated sidewalls and without transversal cleats.

The following sketches indicate the consequences due to a base belt wrong choice:

According to how heavy an application could be, the following base belts are available:

XR only composed by high transversal stiffness textile fabrics; two special synthetic layers assure the correct cross stabilizing properties. They are provided with cut edges for light and medium applications. This base construction can be sold as indipendent product with the brand name TEXRIGID®. The sketch on the right shows the cross stabilized construction.
This base construction can be supplied as indipendent product with the brand name TEXRIGID®.

Base belt can be supplied with alternative rubber covers with reference to the specific application. On request, special productions with cleats and edges of the same base belt rubber compound can be realized; please ask our sales dept to verify all details.


  • CL: Standard abrasion resistant
  • EC: Extra abrasion and tear resistant


  • AG: Vegetable oil and animal greases resistant, self-extinguish and antistatic
  • BS: Self-extinguish and antistatic


  • CX: Heat resistant up to 130 °C with peaks up to 150 °C


  • OM: Vegetable oil and animal greases resistant
  • OH: Mineral oil resistant
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Cleats and sidewalls belt


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