Pipex and Piflex are rubber conveyor belts designed for tubular conveying systems and they are respectively characterized by a resistance multi-ply textile carcass or by a steel cords one.

Tubular shape belt conveyor system is designed to allow the belt to fold around the handled material and later get a flat shape above loading and unloading points and when passing over pulleys.

Fields of applications

PIPEX and PIFLEX conveyor belts are highly technological products manufactured on client's special demands according to the plant characteristics they will be installed in. Covers quality is studied and developed to meet handled material specific needs.

These last years new environmental regulations have made industries to think of new systems to convey dust materials. Tubular shape conveyor systems are properly suitable for these materials handling where it is required a particular attention upon surrounding environment (city centres, parks...)

Some humidity suffering products, as cement, find tubular shape conveyor systems the best technology to be handled in open areas such as port docks.

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Steel and textile carcass rubber belts for pipe conveying systems


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