What are horse treadmills rubber conveyor belts?

Horse treadmills rubber conveyor belts are special items manufactured as dry back belts with reinforced textile carcasses. Moreover, they are produced using an extra abrasion resistance rubber compound.

Treadmills rubber bands are used as horse training equipment in the equestrian field. They are special products developed as dry back belts able to guarantee a great holding on the treadmills mechanical system due to the special construction of the internal textile carcass.

How are horse treadmills rubber conveyor belts manufactured?

These articles are supplied as endless belts to be directly installed on treadmills. An important feature is the fact that the inner carcass must be built in a proper way so as to withstand horse-running impacts.

According to the concerned treadmill-specific requirements, these belts are available in different measurements, notwithstanding they are usually manufactured in the international standard width of 800mm.


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