Self-supporting conveyor belts for covering and sealing application.
The ultimate solution to stop material spillage.

SEALTEX belt is supported over lateral holders and thanks to its high transversal stiffness stays over the underling conveyor avoiding material spillage.
If necessary it can be lifted up to let discharge tripper or loading hoppers pass.

Main Characteristics:

  • High transversal stiffness
  • Double steel cords layer
  • Reduced lateral holders
  • High longitudinal flexibility
  • Small pulley required
  • UV – ozone total protection
  • Customization design

Design Elements

The usefull span Bint between lateral holders must be enough wide to allow the passage of the underlying belt when dropping on the discharging tripper and/or in correspondence of loading hoppers.

Width and height of lateral holders must be such as to guarantee the belt stability.

Be sure to grant the following rules:

B est ≤ B + 100 mm
B int ≤ B – 300 mm
H ≥ 40 mm

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Self-supporting conveyor belts for covering and sealing applications


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