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Conveyor Belt Manufacturers


SIG has its main factory in Gorla Minore (Varese), Northern Italy, and the head office in Milan. In 1997, thanks to its production international traits, SIG chose the LLOYDS Register Certification.
UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 certification was obtained in 2003.
The company is an important presence in the field of bulk industrial handling and in the sector of snowmobiles for ski facilities; it offers also a huge range of products for cement, steel, chemical and mining sectors and for all the advanced industrial fields, which need materials' conveying.
SIG works directly or through resellers and agents all over the world. Moreover its strategic position in the middle of Europe allows SIG to develop and improve flexibility, efficiency and delivery quickness, that are the main traits of a company, which combines experience and capacity with brilliance and competence.