Here is the article published in the sector magazine BULK TERMINALS INTERNATIONAL - Winter 2019/2020 "A flexible approach"

With over fifty years of experience, SIG supplies high-quality rubber conveyor belts with both textile and metal carcasses all over the world for any industrial sector where the handling of bulk solid materials is required. Rubber covers are available to efficiently and safely manage all the most critical types of products, such as flammable coal, oily waste, and the like.

In addition, assistance is also available for the installation of elevator and conveyor beltsby highly specialized technicians able to supply all the required products, such as joining materials. Our technicians are in daily contact with our customers to analyze every type of problem and guarantee the best solutions.

Our wide range of products allows a Flexible Approach according to the different customers and industrial needs.


RUBBER COVERS FOR CONVEYOR BELTS are resistant to abrasion.

For materials with temperatures above 200 °C Resistant to chemicals, greases, and oils Self-extinguishing and antistatic according to ISO 284 - 340 CONVEYOR BELTS FOR ELEVATORS ELEMET, with metal casing ELETEX with textile carcass The elevators can be drilled according to clientele indications.

Special rubber compounds are available for high temperatures, above 200 °C.

All covers are antistatic according to ISO 284.

The quality of the products is guaranteed through quality control programs that affect the entire process, from the acceptance of the raw material to the delivery of the finished product. SIG has developed its own laboratory, equipped with the most advanced technologies, also available for clientele needs.

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SIG is one of Europe’s most important, producers of rubber conveyors and elevator belts.

Article published in "BULK TERMINALS INTERNATIONAL" journal.


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