Article published on ENGINEERING & EQUIPMENT - November 2012

Here is the article published in the magazine "Italian Equipment Manufacturers", for the ENGINEERING & EQUIPMENT sector.


Rubber conveyor belts for sealing purposes

For decades, conveyor belts have been the most suitable method to convey loose materials over variable distances, from a few meters to a few kilometers. The application fields are varied; more often, rubber conveyor belts are used in non-conventional sectors, such as the one that is described in this article.

Indeed, there are specific applications where rubber conveyor belts are not even used for handling purposes, but to protect and prevent the material conveyed by another belt from being scattered. This is the sector in which Sealtex belts, which are characterized by high crosswise stiffness and longitudinal flexibility, offer performances that were inconceivable up to a few years ago.

Environmental protection requirements, which are increasingly included in project specifications of modern conveyor systems, allowed significant development of the aforesaid technology in the last few years. Thanks to its mechanically simple system, it offers striking solutions to different problems.

Application of the Sealtex Conveyor Belt - SIG SpA Italy .pdf
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