Rubber Conveyor Belt: materials and production

Which rubber compounds can be used to produce SIG rubber conveyor belts?

Talking about manufacturing chances, also rubber compounds display a key role in the manufacturing process: as a matter of fact, according to the specific handled material and to the concerned field, any industrial application needs to match with specific requirements in terms of abrasion or heat resistance for instance.

Therefore, SIG can manufacture rubber conveyor belts in abrasion, flame, heat, or oil resistance rubber compounds, always matching with what you are looking for.

Are SIG rubber conveyor belts suitable for mining handling?

SIG rubber conveyor belts are extremely suitable for mining handling: its wide range of products can offer many options, varying from textile belts to steel cord ones. Moreover, any of these items can be manufactured with various quality rubber compounds suitable for specific applications.

How is splicing carried out on SIG rubber conveyor belts?

Do you need useful information on how to splice rubber conveyor belts? You can find all the useful information in the here enclosed installation manuals. All these documents documents are specific for a different rubber conveyor belt category.


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Rubber conveyor belts suitable for mining handling
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Elevator Belts installation

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Installation Handbook

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Installation Handbook


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